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Introduction of the book


Why is it that the cities/nations that witnessed great cultural or spiritual transformation/awakening are worse TODAY than they were before the MIGHTY MOVE? Do we really need revival? There’s something more! Hosea 6:2 says there are revival, resurrection and relationship. Why do we stop at revival, which is not resurrection and relationship, and visitation, which is not habitation? Can desperation and hunger move or fast-forward the timing of God? We are at a juxtaposition of another Great Spiritual Awakening and God is preparing a wineskin for Himself. In this Third Day, Jesus has arrived at Cana again and the Church in its present state is out of wine. Our desperation has reached heaven, and He will pour out His sustainable Bold, Fresh Wine. There’s a cry for the bold, fresh wine—a sustainable city, regional, and national transformation…..DETAILS


“A generation looking for transformation—how will it come? This truth has been foremost in my ministry, moving from revival into a transcended state of life. I was delighted to hear this desire from the heart of a newly found friend—Benjamin Anyacho. Jump into this book, wrestle through the frustration to fruitfulness. This book is like a portal to the next level.”
–Randy DeMain,
Kingdom Revelation Ministries, Inc.

“I personally know Pastor Benjamin Anyacho and I don’t know any other person more qualified to write about this topic. He is a man full of passion for God. Pastor Benjamin is not just all about passion, he actually pays the price to remain in the fire and anointing of the Holy Spirit, hence he remains fresh in God at all time. When you meet Pastor Benjamin, you will feel you are touching the fire of God, and I pray that this fire will be transferred to you by the means of this book. May the Lord bless you!”
–Pastor Sunday Adelaja,
Senior Pastor of the largest church in Europe, The Embassy of the Blessed
Kingdom of God for All Nations, Kiev, Ukraine.

Forward by Dr. J. Doug Stringer

Just the title of C. Benjamin Anyacho’s book, “Bold, Fresh Wine: A Cry for Sustainable Transforming Revival, Volume 1,” speaks of his passion.  As one who has been involved in the transformation journey for well over two decades, I have found that without a genuine hunger and thirst for the manifest presence of the Lord, we will not see a sustainable transforming revival.

It is without a doubt that Benjamin has a desire to contend for that which is authentic and lasting.  Institutions of men without the impartation of God have only produced much information without revelation.  This leaves us with only a type of cosmetic Christianity, much like costume jewelry-lots of shine with no real substance or value.  I find that Benjamin’s passion, expressed in his book, to be quite refreshing.

The Revivalist, Charles Finney, used to say that, “Revival is no more a miracle than a crop of wheat.”  Finney understood, as Benjamin Anyacho does now, that for any true and sustainable transformational revival to become a reality, we must build upon kingdom foundations and align ourselves with His purposes…not our own.  In every revival there are those men and women who are willing to pay the price, with much personal sacrifice, for foundations to be laid…that others can build upon.  These types of champions, like Benjamin Anyacho, understand that God is not obligated to build on the programs of men, but is attracted to those who cry out in humility and the beauty of holiness, with a desperation and passion beyond themselves.

Benjamin is not speaking from the high towers of theory, but has found himself seeking the treasures of the kingdom from the place of a personal thirst for a Holy Spirit outpouring upon the land.  From the crucibles of his own experiences to waiting upon the Lord in intercession and worship, Benjamin challenges us with hopeful expectation for new wine, fresh oil and Holy Spirit rain-both individually as well as corporately. Bold, fresh wine is here. Thank you, Benjamin Anyacho, for expressing your life and sharing it with a thirsty world.
Dr. J. Doug Stringer,
President/Founder, Somebody Cares America/Int’l and Turning Point
International, Houston, Texas.

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